Even though Production is over it does not mean that the fat lady has sung! It’s time to edit the picture!
Over the past two weeks, Dave and our editor, Kelvin Tseng, have been working hard to piece together the rough cut of our film. Last Wednesday, we heard the exciting news that we were finally able to see what they have done so far. Going into a small theatre in the film production campus, we watched with baited breath as the film we produced played before our eyes. We were awestruck and proud: we produced what looked like a “real” film! Amazing!
Although we are extremely happy with what we saw, there is still a lot that needs to be done. Not only is there still some trimming of the rough cut before it can be locked, we also need to have titles and credits created, have music composed, create a sound scape, ADR, foley, and color correction among other things before we have a completed film.
Stay tuned for what else Team Belle has in store! Next episode: “The Film is Alive with the Sound of Music”.
Team Belle