Dear fellow blog readers, Compendium colleagues and instructors.

Our May 4th Compendium kick-off meeting was a sneak preview of the kind of success all the Psycho Princess teams might face. It was very exciting to meet the representatives of film production and our current artistic developers. Meeting these people gave us a burst of confidence as we continued to work on the development of our Psycho Snow White short film. We were also given our storyboard drafts from our talented digital designers that solidified the essence of the story and the artistic direction for us. We would like to thank all the people involved thus far for their driving passion in our project and their hard work.

In the meeting our guests were bombarded with tasty snacks and drinks that were pleasingly placed on the edges of the meeting room. We also did a short screening of one of EBM12’s Compendium short film, called, “Forever,” by team Rumble. It definitely set the bar high for the 13’s and gave everybody outside of the business program a glance at what Compendium is about.

Thank you for reading and stay in touch with us, because next time we will tell you about Snow Whites Cast!

Keep in touch,

Team Snow White