This past Sunday and Monday, we started our massive set-build at Storyeum. What is Storyeum, you ask? Check this out:

Vancouver Film School now uses a portion of Storyeum for film shoots and other productions.

Our set-build this weekend was focused on the building of Cinderella & Belle’s castle. The project consists of the following:

  • Build the interior of the castle
  • Paint EVERYTHING! (by everything, we mean EVERYTHING!)
  • Create artwork for the walls (with painted moldings and fabric)
  • Build a collapsible wall to create different scenes
  • Build a fireplace
  • Dance to 80’s music for our 80’s themed mockumentary (yes, we did this)

Armed with our “Dollar Store” painter’s outfits ($2.75 each at the Yaletown location), paintbrushes and power-tools, we attacked the space and managed to get through approximately half our mission.

What did we accomplish over 2 days?

  • Space cleaned and prepped for the build
  • Walls painted
  • Ceiling panels finished
  • Built the frames for the wall art (1 of 11 is now up on the walls)

What do we have left to do?

  • Complete the finishing (paint the edges/trims and floor)
  • Complete and hang the remaining 10 art pieces on the walls
  • Build the collapsible wall
  • Build the fireplace
And the 80’s mockumentary…Stay tuned because it’s coming soon to

Team Belle