This is Mike and I want to share with you an overall look at the first meeting with our director Peter D. Marshall for Cinderella.

After the warm introductions were done, he jumped right at the meeting’s main subject- Being proactive.

In the voice of Peter – “We need to think ahead, ahead of due dates, before we can actually put everything together… It is risk mitigation, it is all about what can we  prevent ahead of time because there are things that will go wrong; but how many things go wrong depend on how many things did we think ahead.”

I personally liked his attitude, the voice of experience, a tough man telling us “this is how I work.”

It all came down to looking for things that we can start researching in advance. Sure, there is a lot of work ahead for us, so we have to start building things from the bottom up, little by little; and since we don’t have the final script chosen yet, we decided to start thinking about basic and generic stuff, like the theme and wardrobes.

We are talking about princesses here, so we decided to give our project a luxury marketing approach and start looking for high-couture designers to give us an idea of how we would like Cinderella to dress, find options and start building bridges with those designers so that we can later talk about collaboration.

Sophie and Ashley started to talk about designers and I got lost on the conversation, I don’t know much about fashion design so it was obvious to me that a lot of research was waiting for me back at home, so I let them talk and drew a list of options that I took home for later research.

So we are still in the script selection process and while we read, we look for designers, sounds easy right? The point here is to take advantage of time, avoid procrastination at all costs and get to work; so let’s start thinking ahead and enjoy the outcome.

I will keep you posted!

Team Cinderella