After so much planning, principal photography was shot in one fast paced day on the 3rd of Feb. 2011.  The day had two different sets plus a whole montage to be filmed on the greenscreen stage. Our Director Roy Hayter, 1st AD Arun Fryer, 2nd AD Hakan Gunnarson, and 3rd AD Hope LaVelle really worked magic to get all the shots filmed that we needed in such a short time frame, while the Director of Photography Vince Arvidson and all the members of the Art Department made this film look amazing.  All of our Actors were very professional and great to work with but the person who really came through for everyone was Patsy Tomkins who made us all 3 great meals plus snacks.

Everything went pretty smooth until close to the end at around the 14 hour mark, when a malfunctioning smoke machine went crazy, filling the set with such thick smoke that it set the fire alarms off.  After the whole cast and crew got some fresh air waiting for the Fire Dept., we went back to work and finished the film. We are all so proud to have been a part of this project because the Vancouver Film School has never produced a bigger production as Compendium III.  Our set alone had 60 cast and crew and was filmed with the RED 1 Camera.

Now that production has wrapped, the next phase is Post-Production and it is here where we get to see the talents of Irving Diaz, our graphic designer, come to life.  From his Matte Painting to Greenscreen to 3D art, you wont believe the huge production value that this VFS film carries as it takes you on a journey to Neverland.  Another great perk of watching this movie? There is no little screaming children in the audience because this Pan and Hook version isn’t for kids.

Team Hook Smash