Last week we literally hit the ground running by learning so many different aspects of film making, all at once.  We didn’t stumble at all and now that we have learned to run before walking, I’m worried we wont be able to learn in the future unless were running around like chickens with our heads cut off.  We held call-back auditions and got to see first hand how important, and difficult it is to pick the right cast members for the part.  You and spend a million on a film and make it amazing, but it will all come crashing down if the actor you picked isn’t right.

We had our first major team meeting with all departments present,  now that everyone has decided what the world of green screen and miniatures will look like, It’s exciting to see the first storyboards drawn up by Irving our graphic designer.  We also had meetings with make-up and wardrobe, which decided the look and feel of the colours used on the cast and set.

The whole team went just two blocks from our campus and three stories underground to Storyeum, where the huge sets are located to construct our shot list.  We figured out just how the green screens were going to be placed, and just how to light them perfectly.  We also planned the scene where we meet hook, and how to film his grand entrance.

The first batch of props have just been found and now the look of the film is really coming together. Ray, who is one of the producers, got her hands on tons of old engine parts ranging from gears, random parts, nuts and bolts of all sizes.  Slava, another Producer, went early on his only day off, to a flee market where he found steampunk props that will look great on set.

So much has happened and we haven’t even gotten into production yet. The next week will focus on sponsors and contributors to the production and how everything has to fit into the budget.

Till Then….

Team Hook Smash