We are one-week away from the most important day in the term…Shooting day, and Team Tink is almost ready!

The previous week started with a long, exciting and funny trip to Langley. We met “The Professor”, a really smart guy that knows everything about Steampunk. He is a well recognize member of VSteam (Vancouver Steampunk Society) and he goes around BC collecting unique steampunk pieces. The purpose of the trip was to see his collection and tag whatever we wanted for our short film. We hit the Jackpot with this contact :) .  On Tuesday he brought every single thing we tag back in Langley and a tons more!

We are confident that our set will be a very realistic steampunk Junkyard.

Moreover, we went to HollyNorth to meet Mike Kearn. He guided us through the facilities and we found a lot of good smoke and fog machines that can help make our set very realistic and with the creepy look we want for the short film.

Talking about creepy looks, we had the costume fitting session in which our actors, Matt and Shannon met with Megan Leson. The costumes Megan fixed for the two of them are very original and taking into account our low budget, are awesome! We need to get accessories to make them look from the Steampunk era which will be easy thanks to the deal we have at the Millennium store.

At the fitting session Nick Humphries and Sarah Elizabeth where present as well. We discussed the make up for Tink and how it will fit perfectly now by knowing how the costumes are. We are looking forward to see the final result of Make up + Wardrobe.

Apart from Make Up and Wardrobe the most important thing is the Set Dressing and props. These last days are being dedicated to getting everything to make the set look amazing. We have been in Storyeum building piles of junk and making inventory of all the props we have to know what can we use and in which place should it go. It’s a lot of thought work but thanks to the Art Team, we are making it happen.

Thanks for reading and if you want to know how the shooting day goes… stay tune for the next post of Team Tink!!

Team Tink