”A filmmaker has almost the same freedom as a novelist has when he buys himself some paper,” said Stanley Kubrick.  It’s a true statement, although it was difficult to believe when starting out.  Homer’s Odyssey wouldn’t be Homer’s Odyssey without the story of Odysseus and the Cyclops.  We were pretty excited and there was great anticipation in presenting this epic tale.  Our vision for the film would differ from the traditional representation.  We were going to produce The Cyclops as a dark thriller.  For our inaugural foray into the “horror” genre, many ideas came to mind.  As lovers of horror films, we figured this should have been a simple task.  As producers, we were amalgamating the various elements of filmmaking into one cohesive and effective final product.

We had rough ideas of how everything was going to turn out, but the journey was an epic tale of terror and adventure.  Surviving the budget was a Greek Tragedy all in itself!  Remembering Stanley Kubrick’s quote, we knew there would eventually be a way through it.  Small victories along the way ensured us that there would a happy ending.  Excellent casting, with actors that fit our film perfectly, gave The Cyclops its strength.  An amazing set, decorated for the chilling claustrophobic atmosphere that trying to establish, complimented the acting that came across on camera so well.
The greatest magic came from our crew.  Each individual delivered an unbelievable effort and were great to work with.  Our excitement for the final product would not have been possible without our cast and crew.  Those are the experiences you dream of when filmmaking, and this was one we will not soon forget.