Pre-production of a film is about planning. You need to do everything you can to ensure that when you’re on set you’re not kicking yourself for forgetting something. Thankfully, there was no kicking on the set of The Sirens.

If you’ve read our last two posts on The Sirens, you know that we had a fantastic cast and incredible makeup artists on board. But did you know that we had the privilege of filming on a complete ship set? Vancouver Film School managed to rent out what used to be Storyum – an interactive museum – just in time for Compendium 2-Homer’s Odyssey.

Naturally my fellow producers and I were eager to scope out the place.

Now that we had a location, it was time to gather all of the other pieces.


Team Sirens didn’t need much, as our magical Production Designer Victoria Pearson would handle most if it with Set dec. I really think she must secretly have magic powers to accomplish what she did on shoot day.

And we had the talented costume designer Oriana to take care of the rest.

As we had delegated some of our tasks to outside members, Team Sirens had time to set up a rehearsal and a second production meeting before the shoot day.

This actually proved to be quite helpful, especially for the actors, Director Nicholas Humphries and DOP Toby Gorman, to ensure that everyone had the same vision for the project.

So, when preparing to shoot a film, you need to plan out exactly what the viewer is going to see. Every prop, costume, and set dec. matters. These tangible elements are the key to believability. And by being prepared, organized, yet ready to think creatively on your feet, you create a lot of potential for success.