Four months and counting ….

Benjamin and I are satisfied by the completion of “The Music of Erich Zann”.

This was the first project facilitated by us wet-nosed producers, and I must say,   we loved every moment of it. From late night phone calls to “it’s pizza time”, we successfully managed to produce a visually appealing short, chilling film and interactive application (click on the link below to preview the app!)

It began as a story written by some dead guy, but when tasked with reading 3 of his short stories, we liked the simplicity of “Zann” and it’s dark and twisty ending.

One of Zann’s greatest ingredients is it’s sound. “Music Untitled” composed by Michael Fraser worked effectively throughout the film to set the mood of the story. From harmonious, flowing music to chilling, high shrilled tones, the music enhanced the film.

Finding our actors and keeping our Post Team (must have been the donuts we fed them late at night) was a bit of a challenge, but in the end, we really lucked out.

We would like to thank our wonderful digital design team, our creative production team, our super talented post team, and our sound team for their time, patience, and dedication to this project. We would also like to acknowledge Paul Toolan and Lucas De Beer for their compelling portrayals of Erich and Alex.

Throughout this process, friendships were developed, setbacks were encountered (and overcome!), and we ALL learned the different processes that even a 3 minute film has to go through to make it look visually appealing and marketable.

Another great asset was the development of Anthony and the “Ben Pen” (that is a story in itself). Seriously, Benjamin Morales is a wonderfully creative and detail oriented guy to work with. It was nothing short of a pleasure to be paired with him on this project (Thank you, Ben!).

The most rewarding feeling about being on this project was seeing Zann and it’s music come alive!

**Disclaimer (there’s always one for these blog-things, right?)

We sincerely apologize for anything that may have, did, or is going to go wrong as a result of this film. We do not, however, take any responsibility for anything that may have, did, or is going to go wrong as a result of this film. After all, we’ll just blame it on Anthony, right?

Thank you for your support and Zann is going live now.